Monday 7th November 2022

MAINTENANCE: SysEleven MetaKube Core announcement, scheduled 10 months ago

Affected Components: MetaKube Core

Scheduled Start: 07. Nov. 2022/07:00 pm Scheduled End: 07. Nov. 2022/10:00 pm

State: Completed


We're updating the management systems of MetaKube Core to keep compatibility with future Kubernetes versions.

Customer Impact during the Maintenance:

  • MetaKube API will be unavailable
  • MetaKube Dashboard will be unavailable

The control planes or nodes of existing clusters will not be affected.


10:00 PM: Everything is going according to plan, except it's taking a little bit longer than anticipated. The expected end time is now 08. Nov 2022 12:00 AM.

11:45 PM: We completed the maintenance. All MetaKube Core functions are available again.