11th February 2019

SysEleven Stack: Long wait time when creating Local SSD Storage servers in all regions

Currently it will take a long time to create servers with the Local SSD Storage (L1.*) flavors. The wait time increases linearly to Local SSD Storage capacity of the chosen flavor. Eventually, creating the server will succeed.

This is due to a mitigation we put in place that solves sporadic performance problems, when a virtual machine has been created or deleted. We are right now working on a better mitigation, that will not affect creating servers.

The issue only affects spawning new virtual machines with the L1.* flavor (Local SSD Storage).

We apologise for any inconveniences.

UPDATE 2019-02-13: The issues are fully resolved now. Creating and deleting Local SSD Storage instances will only take a few seconds now, and the time for creating and deleting VMs is constant, no matter what disk capacity.