1st March 2019

SysEleven Stack maintenance announcement in region CBK, scheduled 1 year ago

Between March 7th, 2019 0:00 AM and 01:00 AM (UTC +1) we will perform planned maintenance in Region CBK

During this period the Cinder (Volume) API in the CBK region is not available - leading to a loss of control.

During this period there will be:

  • no access to Cinder API, causing loss of control over block volumes. Creation, deletion, modification, attachment, and detachment of volumes will not work.
  • running virtual machines will not be affected, attached volumes will not be affected.
  • data on the volumes will not be corrupted.
  • SEOS (S3) will not be affected.
  • network availability will not be affected.

After the maintenance is over, the storage availability zone name will be changed from "nova" to "cbk1". No Heat stack or Terraform state changes are required, if the availability zone was not explicitly specified.

Should you have any trouble following the maintenance work please contact us.