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We provide current information about infrastructure and service availability below. If you experience service impacts or performance issues please contact, or our emergency hotline.

Past Incidents

13th February 2019

SysEleven Stack maintenance announcement in CBK, scheduled 1 year ago

In order to offer the same features in both regions we will roll out new versions of our networking components in the CBK region.

The maintenance window is planned for 2019-02-13 from 00:00-05:00 (CET)

During the maintenance window we will update the networking components in the CBK region.

There will be the following service degradations within the maintenance window:

  • API endpoints of the CBK region are not available.
  • Virtual machines of the CBK region will face several downtimes. They will be unavailable for approximately one minute in total.

The DBL region will not be affected.

UPDATE 01:55: The maintenance has been completed.

11th February 2019

SysEleven Stack: Long wait time when creating Local SSD Storage servers in all regions

Currently it will take a long time to create servers with the Local SSD Storage (L1.*) flavors. The wait time increases linearly to Local SSD Storage capacity of the chosen flavor. Eventually, creating the server will succeed.

This is due to a mitigation we put in place that solves sporadic performance problems, when a virtual machine has been created or deleted. We are right now working on a better mitigation, that will not affect creating servers.

The issue only affects spawning new virtual machines with the L1.* flavor (Local SSD Storage).

We apologise for any inconveniences.

UPDATE 2019-02-13: The issues are fully resolved now. Creating and deleting Local SSD Storage instances will only take a few seconds now, and the time for creating and deleting VMs is constant, no matter what disk capacity.

10th February 2019

No incidents reported

9th February 2019

No incidents reported

8th February 2019

No incidents reported

7th February 2019

No incidents reported

6th February 2019

No incidents reported

5th February 2019

No incidents reported