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We provide current information about infrastructure and service availability below. If you experience service impacts or performance issues please contact, or our emergency hotline.

Past Incidents

17th April 2019

Maintenance work on our infrastructure in DC DBL, scheduled 3 months ago

Between April 17th, 2019 0:00 and 6:00 AM (UTC +2) we will perform planned maintenance in Region DBL

During this period we will update the storage system.

During the maintenance window the following services will be affected:

  • Slower storage access

Should you have any trouble following the maintenance work please contact us.

9th April 2019

SysEleven network partial outage

A network outage occured on April 9 at approximately 2:45 pm. This caused a temporary interruption in the availability of services from the internet. At the moment all services are available. We are investigating the issue.

Update: We have temporarily disabled one of our upstream traffic partners who seemed to cause the issues. We expect no further impact on our reachability. We already have request the RFO (Reason for outage).

8th April 2019

No incidents reported

7th April 2019

No incidents reported

6th April 2019

No incidents reported

5th April 2019

No incidents reported

4th April 2019

API SysEleven Stack API issues in region CBK

At the moment we are facing API issues in region CBK.

It is not possible to start, stop or create virtual machines. It is also not possible to create or delete cinder volumes.

Running VMs and the object storage (S3) are not affected.

We will keep you informed and apologise for any inconveniences.

UPDATE 05:45: We are still working on resolving these issues together with our technology partners.

UPDATE 06:25: All issues are now resolved.

3rd April 2019

No incidents reported