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Timezone: Europe/Berlin (CET)

We provide current information about infrastructure and service availability below. If you experience service impacts or performance issues please contact, or our emergency hotline.

Scheduled Maintenance
Maintenance announcement - Block storage and object storage

Between September 29th, 2020 00:00 (CEST) and 07:00 (CEST) we will perform planned maintenance

  • Network storage performance (m1 flavors and cinder volumes) will be degraded
  • SEOS(S3) performance will be degraded
  • Local storage (L1 flavors) will not be affected, except for cinder volumes mounted on local storage instances

We will perform a planned maintenance on our network storage system.

Should you have any trouble following the maintenance work please contact us.

Past Incidents

11th September 2020

SysEleven Network Route Berlin <-> Frankfurt

Bei einer Überprüfung ist uns ein Configfehler auf einem Router Interface aufgefallen. Entgegen der Erwartung war die Korrektur dieses Fehlers mit einem Service Impact auf der Strecke Berlin <-> Frankfurt verbunden. Grund dafür ist das dass RSVP/MPLS auf dem besagten Interface durch den Change in einen fehlerhaften State versetzt wurde. Dies muss so schnell wie möglich korrigiert werden. Deshalb planen wir für heute Nacht (Beginn ab 0 Uhr den 11.09.) entsprechende Wartungsarbeiten um dies zu korrigeren.

During a check we noticed a config error on a router interface. Contrary to expectations, the correction of this error was associated with a service impact on the route Berlin <-> Frankfurt. The reason for this is that RSVP/MPLS on the interface in question was set to a faulty state by the Change. This must be corrected as soon as possible. Therefore we plan for tonight (starting from 0 o'clock the 11.09.) appropriate maintenance work to correct this.

-> The issue on our route Berlin <-> Frankfurt has been resolved

10th September 2020

No incidents reported

9th September 2020

SysEleven Helpdesk outage

Zendesk, the Helpdesk Tool for the SysEleven Support, is currently down. The supplier is investigating the issue.

For urgent requests or to report an incident, please also contact our telephone hotline

Support Hotline: +49 30 233 20 12 30 (Mo-Fr 9-18 hrs) Emergency Hotline: +49 30 609 8922 11 (to report incidents outside business hours)

[Update 09/09/2020 15:30]

Zendesk seems to recover. We assume that email updates to tickets have been delivered during the downtime. Please anyway check if your requests have been acknowledged by logging in to and checking your incoming mail.

8th September 2020

No incidents reported

7th September 2020

No incidents reported

6th September 2020

No incidents reported

5th September 2020

No incidents reported

4th September 2020

No incidents reported