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We provide current information about infrastructure and service availability below. If you experience service impacts or performance issues please contact, or our emergency hotline.

Past Incidents

6th December 2018

No incidents reported

5th December 2018

API SysEleven Stack Neutron API issues in Region DBL

We are currently seeing a slightly elevated rate of errors in the Neutron API.

Our engineers are currently looking into them and will update this status page post with more information soon.

We apologise for any inconveniences.

UPDATE 14:30: We determined the impact. The errors are impacting a very small number of attempts to launch VMs. So far only one customer is affected. We are now looking for a solution.

UPDATE 15:30: The issue also affects Neutron API performance. If you are experience any troubles, please contact

UPDATE 16:15: The API performance issues are now resolved.

UPDATE 17:00: The API issues are fully resolved now.

4th December 2018

Compute SysEleven Stack issues in region DBL

Some Instances in DBL were unreachable between 10:55 and 11:03.

Update 11:05: The problem appears to be currently resolved but we are still investigating to understand the root cause.

Update 11:45: All Instances in our DBL region were affected by a loss of network.

The outage was caused by a maintenance command issued on one isolated and empty compute node that unexpectedly affected all hypervisors in the whole cluster. It raised the log level which led to our SDN agents to be overwhelmed by traffic.

We will conduct a post-mortem to find ways to prevent that error from happening again.

3rd December 2018

No incidents reported

2nd December 2018

No incidents reported

1st December 2018

No incidents reported

30th November 2018

No incidents reported