Thursday 15th September 2022

Maintainance Announcement - SysEleven Status Page, scheduled 1 week ago

Affected Components: SysEleven Status Page

Scheduled Start: 21. Sept. 2022/11:00 am Scheduled End: 21. Sept. 2022/11:30 am

State: Fixed


We will change the groups and items of several objects on the SysEleven Status page

Upcoming changes:

  • Consolidate "SysEleven Network Backbone" items into a single item and put it into "Syseleven Network" group
  • Rename "SysEleven Stack Global Services" to "SysEleven Global Services" and move it into "SysEleven Support" group; prefix former SysEleven Stack Global Services items to "SysEleven Stack ..."
  • Move "SysEleven Login", "Syseleven Container Registry" and "Dashboard (metakube)" items into the new "Syseleven Global Services" group
  • Add "SysEleven CloudObserver", "" and "SysEleven customer portal" items into the new "Syseleven Global Services" group
  • Remove "Control Plane Services (Azure - East US)"
  • Add "Block Storage (Cinder Volumes / M2 Flavors)" item into "SysEleven Stack - Region FES" group
  • Change "Ticketsystem" to "Ticketing System"
  • Change "$platform (DC $region)" group names to "$platform - Region $region"
  • Split MetaKube group into global services ("MetaKube Dashboard / API") and control plane/cluster nodes group per region
  • Change order of groups to: Support, Global Services, Network, Managed Hosting, Stack, MetaKube

Customer Impact during the Maintenance:

  • We do not expect any customer impact.

Customer Actions:

  • No customer actions needed
  • Please inform us if you notice any irregularities