Tuesday 4th April 2023

code.syseleven.de INCIDENT: Issues with merge request list on Gitlab code.syseleven.de

Affected Components: code.syseleven.de

Incident Start: 4th April 2023/11:30 CEST Incident End: 4th April 2023/15:30 CEST


  • Earlier today we discovered that sometimes the merge request list view returns with a http error 500 (e.g. https://code.syseleven.de/my-project/my-repo/-/merge_requests)
  • We are still investigating why this happens


  • It is still possible to view merge requests, if the ID is known, e.g. https://code.syseleven.de/my-project/my-repo/-/merge_requests/15
  • If the ID is unknown, it can be obtained by viewing the branch list (e.g. https://code.syseleven.de/my-project/my-repo/-/branches) and clicking on the commit hash. There will then be a link to the associated merge request

Customer Impact:

  • merge request overview on code.syseleven.de is unavailable sometimes


  • The problem could be resolved by updating Gitlab to the latest version