Saturday 10th February 2024

Control Plane Services (SysEleven - CBK) INCIDENT: Partial outage of MetaKube apiserver reachability DBL/CBK

Affected Components: MetaKube apiserver external availability, some clusters, DBL/CBK

Incident Start: 10.Feb 2024/11:00 am Incident End: 10. Feb. 2024/12:35 am


An expired client certificate caused some load balancer configuration to go stale. Thus, a small number of clusters lost external availability of their apiservers.

Customer Impact:

  • External apiserver availability disrupted for at most 8 clusters at peak for a maximum of 95min

Customer Actions:


  • No customer actions needed

Update 12:35 The certificate was renewed and a failover of the load balancer triggered. This restored availability of all clusters again.